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Flip gorgeous and taste affordable wholesale handbags in more ho

Flip gorgeous and taste affordable wholesale handbags in more hostile selling

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All about Dooney and Bourke brand and handbags guide

Those that live in the United States are somewhat familiar with the American brand Dooney and Bourke. This brand is known for their handbags that are suitable for women of all ages. Although Dooney and Brouke is not as popular and well known as Coach and do not have the same number of physical stores, it has lots of handbags that are worth looking at. You might even convert to a Dooney and Bourke fan when you take the time to notice their products.

Handbag variety? There are lots of variety when it comes to Dooney and Bourke's collection. They have handbags made of canvass, leather, cloth and more. In addition to the different materials that they offer, Dooney bags are also colorful, fun and functional. They offer everything from small clutches to full size totes. Some bags are pure fun / causal whereas others are very business oriented / professional looking.

The fun bags? Dooney and Bourke offers lots of fun bag with a wide range of colors. You will be able to find floral prints, neon colors, plaids, multicolor and patterns. With Dooney and Bourke's fun bags, you will either love it or hate it. Furthermore, this brand is highly recommended for those that love in your face type of handbags. Disneyland offers a line of Dooney and Bourke bags that are Disney themed; those bags are very colorful.

The classic prints? Dooney and Bourke offers handbags in their traditional D and B prints. If you love logos on your bags, you can look at Dooney and Bourke's collection to find some desirable bags. They have several different fabrics and colors with the classic print, D and B all over.

The leather bags? Dooney and Bourke offers many different kinds of leather bags in their lineup. Most handbag lovers associate Dooney and Bourke with childish, fun or logo bags. However, Dooney and Bourke offers some handbags that are 100% leather and have very elegant styling fit for grown women. The fold over satchel that is offered by Dooney and Bourke is one of the most gorgeous leather bags for working women. They offer three different sizes of the same satchel and many different colors for you to choose from. This leather handbag is great for the office, interviews, important meetings with clients and other professional settings.

Small accessories? Aside from handbags, Dooney and Bourke offers lots of small accessories that will go with your handbags. For example, there are wallets, coin purses, key chains and clutches available for you to choose from. These small accessories are very well made and will last many years just like their handbags.

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Best New Season Handbags

Handbags Tote Bags and all sorts of Bags!

With the new season upon us our minds turn to the new styles of clothing bags and accessories. Will it be red this year? Or maybe dark blue. And of course one of the most important new buys will be either a handbag or purse.

Most women tend to have at least a few to hand but like anything else, handbags go out of fashion or the colors don’t match our ensemble. Some women prefer clutch bags which go with almost anything, and others prefer the more conventional shoulder bags.

These days you don’t have to spend out loads of cash for a really great looking holdall or handbag. Not everybody can afford designer wear and luckily you don’t have too. The old joke is that women tend to put everything in their shoulder bags, from make-up to the kitchen sink!

But the truth is we mainly use it for all our bits and bobs, including a matching purse or wallet. The advantage of buy a cheaper bag is that you can mix and match. Why buy one when you can buy six? Well, maybe not that many, but you get the idea!

I prefer a nice black leather purse, but when I go out, I like to change it for anything that fits my mood. So if you don’t know which one to choose, then check out the selection below.

I am sure you will find one that suits you, and don’t forget, the best buys are the ones that you know will match your wardrobe.

Clutch Bags

You know how it is, you go into a shop and ask for a selection of handbags. The assistant then asks, would you like a Clutch bag, Tote, or Cross body? If you are anything like me, you just stare back with a blank look on your face! So here's a few pointers to let you know whats what.

You can't go wrong with a Clutch bag. This is a must for all the parties that you will be invited to. Nobody wants to carry a large shoulder bag for an evening out. There are a lovely variety of colors and materials to choose from.

La Regal is made from pleated fabric, and is just the right size for all the things you need to carry. These are fantastic little bags, because if you get tired of carrying them around, inside you will find an attachable shoulder strap that you can just clip on.

The Kenneth Cole bag is made from faux leather, which will always match with that little black dress that we women always end up wearing! After spending hours trying on numerous dresses, we decide, in our wisdom that actually our favorite is, well, our favorite. And black is so Chic, if you get something dripped, dropped or splashed on your black Clutch bag, a quick rinse under the tap, and two minutes under the drier will be all it takes to make it look new again.

Tote Bags
Tote bags are carry by hand, well, bags. And I love this Pink Chic one. I must admit that ever so often I do get a bit girly and go completely out of character. This one has loads of pockets for your every day needs such as make-up, cell phone and all the important things that we as women need every day. Like money for instance!

Seriously, there's nothing worse than fiddling around at the bottom of your bag trying to find change, it can take ages. That's why this is great because it has zips, pockets and just about anything else. And, if you get fed up of carrying it by hand, then you can convert it into a shoulder bag with the extra detachable strap. Sorted! But if your taste is more conventional then there is always the darker bags that go with everything.

Crossbody Handbags
Crossbody handbags or long strap bags are the most popular. These are the ones that most people grab on their way out of the door. The reason is that you can sling it across your shoulders, and carry tons of other things at the same time. And the great thing about the featured bags is that they are really good quality. The Michael Kors Charlton is real genuine luxurious leather, and of course all the little pockets for you essentials.

So as you can see, there are all sorts of bags, for different occasions. I tend to use mine up until it virtually falls to pieces! That's exactly what's happened to mine today. So I have searched the house out for my collection of 'spares' and decided that actually, I really do have a very good reason to buy myself a new handbag! How cool is that? Any excuse she says!

Cuffu Online
I love this black/silver bag. With its faux leather patchwork and zip top closure, and material that is so soft! Not only is it classic its very Chic! And guess what? You get free Lada Gaga Style Sunglasses when you buy these amazing bags! They have just arrived at Amazon so snap them up quickly! At least I have found the one that I want. I am loving it!

I am showing just two of the Cuffu Online Range, but there are loads to choose from. So, don't take my word for it, go and take a look!

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A pocketbook or handbag?

women can't get enough of...
What is the difference between Pocketbooks and Handbags? Why women can’t get enough of them? To answer these questions, let me start by letting everyone know that I myself didn’t know what pocketbooks are. Just so you know, I am from the Philippines and pocketbooks for me are books in a smaller or pocket size. I never heard anyone from my country use the term pocketbook for a handbag. I heard them called it bag, handbags, purse, carry-on, clutch, wallet, pouch, knapsack, and backpack. That is why, it was only when I arrived here in United States, and had my first job working in a retail store that sells bags, shoes, dresses, and house wares that I realized what pocketbooks are. Here’s why, one day I was so lost when my manager had asked me to display the pocketbooks on the shelves. My thought was I don’t remember seeing pocketbooks around the store. Good thing the manager showed me where they were and that was when I realized that they were handbags. I was surprised but relieved at the same time to bank a new term that might be useful for me in the future.

So, pocketbooks are defined in so many ways while handbags only have one definition. Pocketbooks can be defined as someone’s financial means or considerable capital; another definition is a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money. Also a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women) which is an exact definition of what a handbag is. There is really no difference between the two, only the terms used and usually terms used depends on where the person is from.

Anyway, let me answer the frequently asked question as to why do women like me can not get enough of them? Here is why, women in general always love to look presentable most of the time if not all the time. And handbags or pocketbooks are considered an accessory, nowadays. It does not live up to its definition or what it is made for anymore. Women just carry them for the the sake of carrying it. Sometimes we carry them empty but we carry it anyway because for us it adds glamour or "kicks" to our outfit for that day. For us it is just like wearing a pair of earrings or a nice dress. Let’s face it, handbags, purse, clutch, pocketbooks however it is called, comes in different varieties, hence it is really hard for us to resist. Believe it or not, some women and I am one of them would rather not eat just to save money to purchase the stuff that we wanted for beautifying ourselves such as makeup, dresses, shoes, handbags and other things that I might have not mention. Some even spend their whole paycheck just to buy a designer bag that they wanted. I had never spend an entire pay for anything even something that I might want more than anything. Crazy isn’t it? But this also applies to men, they might not buy handbags, but most of them will surely spend on electronics, such as computers or video games. And some more expensive electronics might involve sports cars which are just as expensive if not more. So, it is basically something that we all have within us to spend big but it’s just a matter of how we deal with it. This whole want thing comes down to satisfaction and we all know that satisfaction is a dream that needs attention.

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Things you should do to protect your handbags

For those of us that love handbags, protecting them is a very important thing to do. Most handbag lovers want their bags / purses to look good for many years down the road. After all, we invested a significant amount of money in these handbags. This hub is all about keeping your designer handbags in the best condition possible for many years.

Dust bag / dust cover – Many designer handbags come with a dust bag. You must use the dust bag whenever storing your handbags. They will keep dust, dirt and other unpleasant things away from your purses. However, some handbags do not come with dust covers. In that case, you can simply use a white pillow case (other colored pillow case might leave its dye on the handbags) to store the bag in. It essentially functions like a dust bag / dust cover.

Ask for a box at the retailer – Many high end designer handbags have boxes available. When I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag, the Damier ebene speedy 30, I didn't know about boxes. If I did, I would ask for one because Louis Vuitton has really sturdy boxes. High end handbags should be kept in their dust bags and placed in their own boxes to prevent them from getting damaged. Now, I ask for a box whenever I make a new purchase. It does take a lot of space for storing, but our investment pieces will stay nicer for a longer time.

Bag hanger – You should carry a bag hanger with you at all times because it is so useful. It can attach itself to a table and act as a hook. At many places, you are forced to put your handbags on the floor. This is not good for the bottom of the bag and will damage the corners overtime. It is very good to hang the bag on the bag hanger to protect the bottom. Plus, you can keep your designer handbag closer to you in public places.

Keep leather and cloth handbags away from the sun – Leather and cloth (fabric) handbags should be kept out of the sun at all times. For some fabric handbags, sun exposure might gradually change its color to a duller color. Nobody like their handbags faded. Leather handbags are also sensitive to sunlight. If the leather is not properly cared for and exposed to the sun for a long time, it might crack. When not in use, it is so important to keep them in the closet.

Don't hang the bag – When handbags are in storage, the worst thing you can do is hang them like clothes. When you do that, you are putting stress on the handles every minute you hang it. Even for lower end handbags with no dust bags or boxes, you can still keep them on a shelf inside your closet.

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